Model: NYS04
Product weight: 0.4 kg
Ships within: 24 hours
Shipping from: 5.25 EUR

MARDI is a unique, warm and soft scarf woven in Nepal. The shawl is woven from a two-color warp and a black weft, which creates a unique melange color scheme. The shawl has decorative colored stripes in the middle and along the edges, which brightens it and contrasts with the rest of the melange color. After the weaving process is finished, the scarves are brushed by hand, which softens them and makes them fluffy and pleasant to touch. Shawls are oversize, so you can create many unique styles and use them multifunctionally as a shawl, warm scarf, wrap, poncho or even a personal blanket.


Scarves are made of a mixture of cotton and acrylic, so they are skin-friendly, they do not cause allergies and are vegan friendly. Shawls are finished with fringes.


Hand wash in lukewarm water or in a washing machine with a gentle wash, without the spin cycle.



200 cm x 90 cm / 78 inch x 35 inch



50% Cotton

50% Acrylic


The color of the shawl may differ slightly from the photo, which may be caused by the individual settings of the computer screen or mobile device. The manual brushing process may cause slight variations in the appearance of individual shawls.



At Purna Crafts, we believe that by creating an international outlet for local handicrafts, we support entire groups of talented producers from Nepal. We do not come to them as "benefactors" who want to offer them donations. We come as people who appreciate their work and admire their abilities. We want to pay them a fair price for their beautiful handicraft, propel their working potential and support small local organizations that create jobs and vocational training.  


We are currently cooperating with several local organizations that specialize in mobilizing people in difficult life situations, people with disabilities and women from rural areas to learn their profession and become independent. When these people are trained, they can get employment and work for their living as well as receive respect in their community, instead of waiting for donations.


We also wish to make original Nepali hand crafted products more accessible for people in other parts of the world. In the age of factory made products that all look the same, we believe that we have something special and unique, something that stands out in the crowd. A product that looks great, is functional and comfortable as well as different than everything else available in the mainstream shops. At Purna Crafts you can get one of a kind product for yourself or an original gift for your loved ones. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase actually made a difference is someone’s life.


Ethical trade benefits the entire community through the empowerment of cottage industry artisans.