Our Products

Purna Crafts is a shop with ethical ethno handicrafts from Nepal. Our main products are original handbags, bags and scarves. Their characteristic feature is that they are handmade and therefore all items are unique in their own way. They do not come from the factory conveyor belt, but they were made by someone's hands from the beginning to the end, so the products may differ slightly from each other. They are also intended to be original and therefore we have only produced 20-40 pieces from each model.

Purna Crafts handbags are made from several basic materials. First of all, it is a multi-colored cotton fabric, woven in a traditional way on a handloom. This is a completely non-mechanized process. The fabric is created by combining two, perpendicular systems of threads (warp and weft) according to the appropriate weave, which gives us interesting multi-colored patterns. It is a traditional way of weaving and it produces a strong and tightly bound fabric.


The second basic material in making the handbags are elements of buffalo hide obtained in an ethical way. We use leather residues and waste from other products such as footwear or furniture industry and we use these unnecessary leather cuttings to decorate and strengthen our bags. Because this hide is crudely tanned and processed by hand, it can contain unique features such as micro tears or scratches, small spots and differences in color and texture. This is not a defect of the product, but a characteristic feature that results from the manual production process and the materials used.


A few models of our handbags are made out of less common materials such as the Himalayan nettle (Giardinia diversifolia) fiber, which grows at the foot of the Himalayas at an altitude between 1200-3000m above sea level. The inner fibers of this shrub are used to produce strong fabric by the inhabitants of the mountain regions. They produce fabric from the Himalayan nettle in the decomposition process, then cooking and breaking the stalks into strong fibers. The fibers are then entirely hand-woven to create 100% fabric from Himalayan nettle or a blend with cotton.


Over time, we will expand our range into handmade paper products, hand-made incenses, decorations, soaps and home accessories.