About Us

Purna Crafts store was created out of passion for Nepal and from close collaboration between dear friends from Nepal and Europe. Purna Crafts’ Nepali co-founders have been involved in various social projects in Nepal organizing vocational training, youth empowerment projects and skill development opportunities among local communities for years alongside running two companies that made funding available for their charitable projects – Purna Yoga & Treks (Nepal Yoga Trek) as well as Purna Yoga Institute and Retreat Center.

Purna Crafts’ European co-founders have lived in Nepal for 5 years and during this time they joined forces and co-created several projects together. Some of the projects involved creating job opportunities for people from rural areas, teaching language skills, youth activation programs as well as hands on earthquake relief in 2015. The biggest joint project was co-creating PEP Nepal organization – Purna Empowerment Project Nepal, which laid the groundwork for establishing Purna Crafts store.

We are very fond of Nepal and because of our background we are deeply familiar with the complexity of its history, traditions, but also the problems that plague the local society. In addition to such monumental issues as government instability, absence of social support, corruption and lack of industry, there is a number of other reasons that contribute to deprivation in this beautiful country, where heaven touches the earth on the peaks of the Himalayas.

Fot. Manohar Shrestha

Despite the difficulties of everyday living Nepali people are warm, cheerful, heart-centered and humble. Nepali openness and selflessness is very touching and generosity of spirit opens our hearts. It is in Nepal, where the most disadvantaged people are willing to share everything they have with us and not expect anything in return. Part of our mission is to bring this Nepalese spirit to a wider audience and in doing so keep a meaningful supportive connection with the local communities.

Throughout the years in Nepal we have observed how the activities of some aid organizations change the face of the country. Some of the charitable efforts focus on providing help in the way of "feed and dress the poor" and over time this leads to the dependence of local people on external help. This is disempowering, it damages personal sense of purpose, affects self-worth and sense of agency for many capable people. We have noticed that most people really desire to earn an honest living with their own effort if given a chance.

At Purna Crafts, we believe that by creating an international outlet for local handicrafts, we support entire groups of talented producers from Nepal. We do not come to them as "benefactors" who want to offer them donations. We come as people who appreciate their work and admire their abilities. We want to pay them a fair price for their beautiful handicraft, propel their working potential and support small local organizations that create jobs and vocational training.  

We are currently cooperating with several local organizations that specialize in mobilizing people in difficult life situations, people with disabilities and women from rural areas to learn their profession and become independent. When these people are trained, they can get employment and work for their living as well as receive respect in their community, instead of waiting for donations. Our own organization Purna Empowerment Project Nepal also organizes vocational training, supports talented craftsmen, creates employment opportunities and helps design original products for the international market. Our goal is to help people help themselves in the most transparent and empowering way possible.The old adage, which is the motto of Purna Crafts, says: "Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. " 

We also wish to make original Nepali hand crafted products more accessible for people in other parts of the world. In the age of factory made products that all look the same, we believe that we have something special and unique, something that stands out in the crowd. A product that looks great, is functional and comfortable as well as different than everything else available in the mainstream shops. At Purna Crafts you can get one of a kind product for yourself or an original gift for your loved ones. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase actually made a difference is someone’s life.